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       I grew up in the west part of Philadelphia.I come from a big family of nine kids,five girls and four boys so yeah I’m a fighter (laughing) I first found my love for music when I was twelve years of age,every sense then I been hooked my first song I ever wrote was called ” kaboom” I was thirteen. I had a real hard life after my mother passed so everything I got or did it was slefmade with a few people who never gave up on me. 2016-04-26-09-46-57I love all kinds of music from hip-hop to old school. I’m different without a question I’m true to myself an I learned to be humble. Some of my favorite artist are 2pac, nas,biggie,laryn Hill, I love the message they send real powerful stuff touching.What makes me stand out from the rest is the fact I can do both street rap and historical rap I’ll do a beat no one would dear do..I see the beauty in it all.Ima keep doing the things that made me.FB_IMG_1467156736942 I started from the bottom working my way up, still I’m hurngy for this movment of mine and I’m ready, I just need my big break an I know it’s coming ima keep going keep standing an stay true. My mixtape  drop on the 30th of July it’s my first one ever i hope y’all like it .it’s called (Wartime) so many meanings to the name, I’m ready to fight…for my dream .This is me. Hello world .


12398328_1028057033920619_1729366073_oWho is he? Born in 1993 to a military family, in Huntingdon, England, music seemed to be a highly unlikely career path. But Jelani unknowingly picked up a unique sound from his early exposure to the Kings of Pop and R&B, respectively Michael Jackson & R. Kelly. At the age of 10 Jelani discovered he could sing, but it wasn’t until he fully heard the influence of Kanye West at age 13, that he began his musical journey. In the process of self-teaching audio engineering, Jelani also drew influence from Ne-yo, Drake, Childish Gambino, & The Weeknd. Now at age 22, Jelani has sculpted his sound into a blend of Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, and both Old & New School R&B, as well as securing several performances under his belt opening for artists such as Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga & more.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – Jelani Harris

SHE GOT ME – Jelani Harris

ABYSS (Massachusetts) 


I chose the name “Abyss” because i feel it best depicts the nature & character of my music.  The word “Abyss” to me seems deep, the unknown,  vibrant but at times dark & mysterious so i feel that best describes my lyrics & vibe.  I can listen to certain songs that i have made and it brings me right back to exactly what i was gong through during that time in my life.



At this point in my music career i feel that i have created a quite reputable brand & name from local from around Boston to over the net in the underground hip hop music genre.  If you thumb through my catalog you will see many solo songs & many collaborative ones with MC’s that are local that come to my studio to record to MC’s all around the world that send me their vocal files that i mix.  2013 was huge for me, i landed 1st place in the Anno Domini Productions Contest with a track called “Only Way To Be” & in 2014 myself & Jon Regul took 4th place with our smash single “Came To Reign” in the same yearly contest.

I have been facinated with music since a kid.  I just sincerely have a genuine love for art & any general medium that someone can express themselves through.  For me growing up was not easy so i would use drawing writing songs or pretty much anything pertaining art as an escape.  Being an artist runs in my dads side of the family, one cousin is a famous painter & one is a semi-famous song writer so it was inevitable for me to inherit some sort of art from being so close with them growing up.

10887097_10204148065007983_1026561330986995092_oI am not your typical underground rapper.  Not only do i have at least 300 songs in my repertoire”, I have recorded, mixed & mastered them all since i was 17 years old, well I’m 34 at the time of typing this so if you do the math i have been learning audio engineering & rapping for about 20 years.  My mixing in itself is top tier quality and i actually built a recording studio 2 years ago so for side work i record, mix, master, produce & DJ.  Yea, i do a lot.  I have mixed & mastered 98% of every track you have or will ever hear me on, I’m very fussy and prefer to do my own editing.   I’m not here trying to be cocky or just brag but i am here as a artist that has put thousands of hours of practicing & learning all these crafts and I just am extremely confident in the quality & integrity of my name.

I grew up In Everett, Massachusetts, about 5 minutes north of Boston. Around 1997 my mom came home with this old school Packard Bell computer, she thought it would be a good idea to have this “new” thing called the internet in our home, i guess she wanted to type out documents and etc. Well, me on the other hand was thinking more of creating some music. So what i did is, I bought a entry level audio editing program called “Magix Music Maker Generation 6″ and i would write songs and record them on this little plastic mic that came with the computer. I actually still have my first songs, they sound similar to a car accident. My voice was off beat, i had no idea what a punchline was, the quality would of sounded better with a long string and a dixie cup but this part of my life was the foundation being poured.

1915413_1148545199935_503667_nI kept writing and kept getting better, i was recording my own music, i was making my own beats, i was adding all kinds of cool sound effects to the mixes, sampling movie clips, scratching records (moms of coarse), the whole 9. Anyone that remotely even liked hip hop i was begging them to listen to my tracks and giving them burned cd’s with scribbled marker as title packed with all sorts of stuff.

My projects has had many great featured artists such as :

Tragedy Khadafi, Spit Gemz, Nine, M-DOT, Hibernation, Gravity, Dr. Voodoo, Narkotik, Arobi, Chris West, Jon Regul, Lou Showers, Mr4Twenty, Plots, Shalom, Jay Marchena, Denku, Matt Maddox, J.O.TheLastMan, Aztech, Crakd, SBO, AYOK, Rome & Rek One


(2006) The All Nighter Vol. 1

(2008) The All-Nighter Vol. 2

(2012) Abyss & Jegie- Sounds From The Basement Vol. 1

(2013) Abyss & Regul- Dark Elixir

(2014) Abyss- Alter-Ego (solo album)

(2014) Showers & Abyss- Mosaic

(2015) The All-Nighter Vol. 3 (Being Released InJune 19th)

Additional Mentions:


(2013) 1st Place Anno Domini Productions Contest Winner

(2015) 4th Place Anno Domini Productions Contest Winner (Song Featuring Jon Regul)



and my full discography is available at www.abysshiphop.bandcamp.com

Jon Rock (Kansas)

jon rock 12059933_742616199217812_192002577_o

Jon-Anthony Records AKA Jon Rock was born in 1981 in Bakersfield, CA
Growing up some of his musical influences were the Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac, Biggie,
Nas, Eric B, Rakeem, DPG, Jay Z, UGK, OutKast, & Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, that led to to also listening
to alot of R&B.
With his love of music he began his path as a lyricist at the age of thirteen.
Upon moving to Kansas in 1997 at 16, He had to fend for himself, grinding the streets, learning
to survive on his own, but before discovering himself as Jon Rock, landed himself in legal trouble and
a prison stint, for the distribution of narcotics.
As alot of inmates do, he used to the time to reflect on his past experiences, and realized that
the mark he was going to leave on this world, was not the one he wanted.
Upon release, he continued through the trials and tribulations of parole, but focused his efforts
not on the streets, but focused his efforts on work, his family, and his passion… music.
Working with artists such as GoldRu$h, Tony C, Smoke, Trouble Minded, Lars Da Krook, Nature’ Finch,
Remsteele & Kongo MadStak along with C$ Productions, will be bringing you his first EP album titled, Re-Rock.
The album is a representation of not only the line of work he use to be in, but the transformation of
himself, to another “form”. Album is slated for release late 2015.

by: Lawrence “L-Town” Chapman





WE GOIN’ KRAZY – Kongo MadStak,feat. Jon Rock

Samson Dread (Virgin Islands)

shotta youths

Ginjah Elmes AKA Samson Dread.

Born Dec 16,1981 in the St,Thomas US Virgin Islands (the Avenues.)

As a youth he grew up listening/studying daily to various Hiphop and reggae music.

Slick Rick/KRS One/Rob Base/Biggie Smalls/Tupac/Young Jeezy/50cent/

Supa kat/Vybez Kartel/Shabba Ranks/Sizzla to name a few.

2003 he was aquitted for 1st degrea murder.

He later then moved to Atlanta GA. in the year of 2005

when the music seen in ATL was just getting big.

He moved there for a better living/opportunity from the V.I

But due to the recession soon to come in 2010 he soon picked up and moved North to

Boston MA. his wifes hometown, he worked various good paying labor jobs.

Avioding the hard hit most was inflicted by due to the ressesion.

2012 the south started to bounce back.

He soon picked up his family and moved back to Atlanta

with only hope and determination in hand.

Not knowing what was soon to come guided only by his faith.

Short time after moving back to ATL everyday looking for job after job,

He landed a interview for a armed security position with traveling as a priority.

From start he new it was someone/something very important

and this was his break from GOD,Almighty.

He then landed the gig he was over qualified which made him highly qualified

as Samson Dread is licensed to carry with a sharp shooter accuracy of 96%.

State wanted a 240 he had a 238 percentage rate.

He never new it would end up to be with no other than one of his top

favorite emcees at the time “Young Jeezy” and the C.T.E camp

He remembers when he first moved to ATL 2005 that was his first CD

he bought Young jeezy can’t ban the snow man.

From the start he fit in like a piece of a puzzle that was missing.

His loyalty and bravery earned him,

A Chief head of security position with the Artist “YOUNG JEEZY “

he recently recoverd from being shot while on active duty.

All together Samson Dread has been shot 11 times.

“with Christ” he says “all things are possible”.

He then has moved onto developing a new branch of C.T.E

which is Island C.T.E a label based out of the US Virgin Islands.

Through the years he has learned a lot from being around his mentor (JEEZY)

& being in the mainstream entertainment field by itself.

He started working on his own craft as a Hiphop artist his self.

Being around Jeezy he says “made him want to write music”

He gave him the motivation that was needed to create Samson Dread the artist.

He then went onto developing his own crew/team

which is the C.T.E Shotta Youths movement/SYM for short

to honor his late farther Jahkela Elmes legacy,his face is used in the SYM logo.

He was a notorious shotta in the islands known to many through out the Ghetto’s

it was said he helped feed many unfortunate families cross the islands to the states.

He also had many people who envyed him.

one day his life was soon cut short he was murderd leaving Ginjah/Samson Dread

his 3rd son born to carry on the name and tradition, helping the least fortunate to raise.

He than built his {Shotta Youths} brand through all of the blood sweat & tears.

It’s a different kind of rap/music all together he says Samson Dread

Hiphop with a island twist blended so precise like a Caribbean dish.

Every ingredient compliments the next for the right taste.

Samson Dread his self just started rapping 2014

but he is in no way at all new to the culture.

like any other Hiphop head he grew up on it and now Feels he’s ready to add to it.

His delivery is very unique and unorthodox allowing him to stand out amongst many

So far his company is getting larger with each and everyday.

For only one year in of campaigning he is taking the game by a storm.

Google Samson Dread & CTE Shotta Youth music,For all current news and projects/music etc.

Squeeze on em png

SQUEEZE ON DEM – V MadStak, feat. Samson Dread

SQUEEZE ON EM - V MadStak, Feat  Samson Dread (Music By (Dre Minor)
SQUEEZE ON EM - V MadStak, Feat Samson Dread (Music By (Dre Minor)
SQUEEZE ON EM - V MadStak, feat. Samson Dread (Music by (Dre Minor).mp3
12.1 MiB

TRA MAC (Compton, CA)


Coming Straight Otta Compton, Ca. I go by the name of Tra Mac. Founder of the independent label HubCity Entertainment. Bringing to your ears nothing but Hitz. An artist coming from the bottom in a city where the odds are stacked against you from birth, but the focus & love for music is what keeps this engine rolling. I bring to you Very High Quality music with different styles & giving the fans 100% ME all the time!! I’m not just a Rapper im an Artist.



FaceBook: TraMac & HubCity Entertainment (FanPage)

Soundcloud & ReverbNation: TraMac

For bookings/Inquiries: tra21mac@gmail.com




I’M FLOSSED OUT – Kongo MadStak, feat. Tra Mac

Buy Here

GStreet Blak (Brooklyn, NY)

eric jones.2

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, G Street Blak is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.
His sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, cinematic melodies and a thought-provoking lyrical flow echoing artists such as Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent or Mobb Deep, just to mention a few.
Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story


Buy Here

MY TIME – Kongo MadStak, feat. GStreet Blak (Music by Anno Domini)

DILZ (New Zealand)


Dilz is a rapper from New Zealand with a fresh voice on hip-hop. Working endlessly on collaborations and mix tapes from the start of his career as an amateur rapper, Dilz has grown into a professional ready to break his way into the forefront of underground hip-hop.

Dillon Lamb is the man behind the name ‘Dilz’, though with a few listens to his bars you couldn’t make a distinction. Like all great artists, Dilz is a reflection of the real person behind the mic, and this realness is what has attracted a growing number of music lovers to his sound and words. In an era of ‘unconscious’ music being popularized, this artist has found a way to stand out as a conscious and thought-provoking lyrical virtuoso before releasing his first official record.

While most artists base their success on profit gained, Dilz has build a reputation for himself by finding success in reaching people. His most viewed track on YouTube entitled “Heal the Wounds”, has reached hundreds (if not thousands) of young people struggling with self-harm. Stats like this are more important than chart status or profit margins – this shows in his music and his relationship with the fans.

After his music appeared on several episodes of an independent podcast from Definitely Loud Entertainment, the hosts and producers of the show began to work with the rapper as he evolved and honed his skills behind the mic.  When Definitely Loud decided to begin developing upcoming artists and releasing records, Dilz was an obvious choice. With Definitely Loud Entertainment behind him, Dilz is quickly gaining the momentum needed to push him to the next level. His debut album is set to be the first official release of the American entertainment group, and the first of many steps to becoming one of New Zealand’s next rising stars while also stepping out onto the world stage. Dilz “Metamorphosis” – Debut Album Coming Soon!


RUTHLESS – Kongo MadStak, feat. Dilz



Street Sir Bang is a artist out of Detroit, trying to build a name in the Hip Hop scene.
Apart of a small indie lable called Full Koverage Ent with a production company named Vice Verrsa productions.
Currently working on a project called “The Great Sire”, in which I feel will be some of the realest type of music t o hit the streets in 2k15!
To here more exclusive music check me out @ SoundCloud.com/sir-bang

IMG_20150415_124735~2 PicsArt_1431996843814

I’M DOPE – Street Sir Bang

THE DREAMER – Street Sir Bang

JSAPP (Pensacola,FL)

BringMyCityBackOfficialCoverFront_edit_edit MOIT_Cover IMG_20130117_007284

JSapp, aka ILLEST, was born Jeffrey K. Sapp ll on August 24, 1981 in San Diego, CA. Due to his parents occupation as naval officers, Sapp never had the opportunity to fully settle down in any one area or community. His education spanned over some 15 different schools while constantly trying to adapt to new environments because of regular moving. Sapp’s love for hip-hop started to truly grow at the age of 15 when he moved to Centreville, VA and attended Centreville High School in 1996. Like many other kids his age who were also into rap/hip-hop, Sapp spent a lot of his time between classes freestyle rapping, using garbage lids or the tops of lockers to create beats. It was at this time that Sapp began to realize that he had a talent for rapidly combining words through rhythm and rhyme. It was 4 years later however, while attending Broadneck Senior High School in Annapolis, MD that Sapp was dubbed the names “ILL THOTS and ILLEST” by a fellow classmate due to his remarkable story telling ability. Both names were original so he ran with them.

I.M.I.T. Cover
‎Over the years that followed, JSapp would continue to base his lyrical foundation off of true past experiences rather than just write rhymes with no purpose, hence his love for TRUE hip hop.
JSapp released his debut underground mixtape-album titled “I.M.I.T. Vol.1 *ILLEST MAN ILLEST TRACKS*” in the summer of 2010. Since it was his first true studio project, Sapp found it only right to pay homage to the artist who he felt had the most influence over him wanting become an artist himself. That person is Nasir Jones, aka Nas. In the words of that particular hip-hop icon, you could say that JSapp is here to “CARRY ON TRADITION” (Nas-Hip Hop Is Dead). In the year that followed, JSapp got right back to work and shortly thereafter released “I.M.I.T. Vol.2”. JSapp is now taking his passion to the next level….. Shortly after inking a deal with the independent record label Lost Reserves, Inc. in April of 2012, Sapp would place his work ethic, motivation, and dedication on full display as he recorded and released his debut album “M.O.I.T. *Mind Of ILL Thots*” on October 30th in the same year. “Mind Of ILL Thots” formally introduced us JSapp as well as the hit singles “Versatile” & “How I Feel”. Sapp would then go on to release “Illest Defined”, a mixtape which was completely recorded and mixed on himself. Sapp also took on the role of producer as he produced 3 tracks for the project; “Ayo”, “Trippin Out”, & “Life Ain’t But Chance”. On September 2nd, 2014 JSapp released his second studio album “Bring My City Back” which featured slew of hits including “Racks Back”, “Drinks For Everybody”, “What You Lookin For”, “Ride Out”, and of course the title track “Bring My City Back”.
For the time being, JSapp resides in Pensacola, FL where he is already back in the studio working on several upcoming projects as well as collaborating with other well known and respected artists such as, Domi Rash, L-Quote, Kongo MadStaks, Kollisions, Next In Da Game, Fresco, and 2Piece.

WHEN I’M GETIN’ IT IN- Kongo MadStak, feat. JSapp

AB SALUTE (Buffalo, Ny)

ab salute 1 ab slute 2

NOW GIVE IT UP – Kongo MadStak, feat. Absalute



Douggie (New Jersey)


Doug Tindal (born February 21, 1990) is an American rapper , singer – song writer & record producer from Red Bank , NJ. Tindal has a versatile style with various flows. Tindal’s quick wit — and sharp sense of humor is what deviates him from the pack. Tindal is capable of delivering punch line after punch line with aggression or melodically , ultimately , producing “hit” records with consistency. A true jack of Jack Of All Trades. Look out for him in the near future.

FOR THE RECORD – Douggie, feat. Kongo MadStak

Jersey (Toronto, Canada)


Born July 9th 1991 From Sucker Creek First Nation Canada, Jesse Esquimaux AkA Young Jerzey was in C.A.S after his mom passed in 1993 till he was 18 he started rapping when he was just 10 years old now 23 living in Toronto Canada where gangs became a problem in and out of jail he started putting life issue into story telling raps. He is independent and has skill been a under dog for a while but is making people think different now.

THE DEATH OF A RAPPER – Jersey, feat. Kongo MadStak



I GOT – Kongo MadStak, feat. Datchoo

Big Spook ( San Bernadino, CA)






 (Cincinnati, OH)


WE KEEP IT LIVE – Kongo MadStak, feat. ImALilDon Sosa

99 BITCHES – ImALilDon Sosa, feat. Kongo MadStak

Focus aka MC ( Maximum Carnage)

(New York City, NY)

Inline image 1

Focus is a M.C. , Song writer, Producer, Engineer and Performing artist and owner of City Don’t Sleep entertainment. Born and raised in New York City. His style was forged out of struggle and life’s ups and downs, out on his own at the age of 16, Focus was forced to pave his own way, Hip Hop was the therapy that guided him through those situations . Focus also has experience in artist development, helping artist achieve they’re vision. His style can’t be described in one word, at times gritty, at times playful, and always socially conscious. Focus has a hard hitting lyrical style and word play to match. Focus did east coast tours with Trunk Face records, which is ran by Scott James , he has performed in many venues and is an experienced performance artist.  Focus has done work with Wu Tang affiliate Dark Skinned Assassin aka Dr. Ama, and was featured on Album/Mixtapes released by producer Falling Down with members of Wu Tang clan. He has also worked with Frank Lucas of A.G.C , who is the son of Frank Lucas, whom which the movie American Gangster was based off. Focus has and edgy yet relatable style, With his primary goal being to make music that means something. He is a student of the the culture of Hip Hop, and is looking to keep lyricism alive and make a name in the music industry.

GET BUCKED – Young Gino MadStak, feat. Focus MC,

Smash Boogie

TELL ME – Kongo MadStak, feat. Focus Mc


O.T Is a Rapper & Song Writer from the UK, but has a Jamaican background. He has always been into music, and from a young age, has always been involved in music and poetry. He is unsigned, but part of a group called OTFMEDIA

OTF Media

EXCUSE ME – Smash Boogie MadStak, feat. Oh Tee Bristol



KARMA PILL CD received95m95mid951389248467121951b2369b1bc9f252762950 TIFF1







Born in South Bend, Indiana. Kyle “Knallege” Henderson has been through alot of trials and tribulations just as any minority growing up these days. from a broken home to selling drugs to jail. He found his way thru music to express himself and to try to guide the generation listing to him to let them know that there aren’t many way out the hood but you can’t give up or give in to the statistics. He has worked with artist across the globe such as, Nipsey Hussle, Phyzikal, Kevin Gates, J Wright, just to name a few. Always willing to network and create music is one of his best features.

334607_483980714960383_1816027084_o 1507194_10201848422957849_8088387081754471526_n

In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina he started making beats, throughout the years he has turned out to become one of the best under-rated producers out the Midwest. Now with the skills and the mind frame to achieve the best he takes his all and puts his music forward. My music is a tool, a tool to build the world to my liking, and from the way that I see fit. It is time to invoke change, because I have been watching for a long time how music has mutated, become watered down with sub-standards , and I have gotten sick of the negative vibes and choices that they teach the youth. Tupac said that he may not change the world but he will spark the heart that does. Congratulations, you have met him, Knallege is Power -Knallege



 GOTTA GET MY MONEY – Kongo MadStak feat. Knawlege


J Bay B

Born John Willie Dale Jr. J Bay B grew up in a family that loved music. My mother woke us up at the crack of dawn, every single day soon as my father went to work, blasting the music, and making us clean house. Heavily influenced by Motown & Parliament & George Clinton, Soul music & P funk raised me, before Hip Hop came along. J Bay B been inspired by everyone from Grand Master Flash, Curtis Blow, & Kool Moe D, to NWA, Too Short & Ice Tea…As Sole proprietor of Market Y OWn Recuds, A.S.C.A.P. J BayB has plans on carving out his own trail, and blessing the world with his own style of Progressive Hip Hop

IM IN THIS MUTHA FUCKA – Kongo MadStak, feat. J Bay B

IT’S ALL OVER – Kongo MadStak, feat. J Bay B


H Roc

10419874_837867106247458_851391704_n 10617566_837867016247467_1352221167_n 10711492_837867059580796_667572314_n 10716120_837867012914134_1137714222_n


 MY HUSTLE DON’T SLEEP – Don Cuso MadStak, feat. H Roc

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