FEATURES ALBUM 2015 – MadStak Studios

features-cover-frontThe Features Album 2015 – some of the hottest artist around the nation. Big moves and big trax keep this album movin’. A must have for your music library.

Artist such as Lyrical Pistol from Pittsburg, PA

Mizz Viper Barz from Scotia, NY

Fred Mack from Chicago, IL

Young Gino MadStak from Lake Charles, LA

TZ from Queens, NY

Oh Tee Bristol from the U.K.

Jason Millions from Magna, Ut

Of course your favorite MadStak artists, Rapsic, Don Cuso, Kongo, and Smash Boogie.

Production from Kongo MadStak, Cuddi MadStak (J.R. Mcphie),

Josh Illanes, Don Cuso MadStak

All rights reserved MadStak Studios.2015

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