V MadStak

V MadStak

V- AKA- VENDETTA, Born and raised on the 32 $quare mile ISLAND called R.O.C, BKA ST.THOMAS U.S.V.I....From a Family line ranging of some of the most exot
ic ISLANDS in the world, ST.THOMAS U.S.V.I, TORTOLA B.V.I, TO DOMINICA and TRINIDAD. The beach of Coki Point (CPM) were boxers like JULIAN JACKSON took w
it him wave's of knock out's to his opponents,  to V ....The streets of SMITH BAY, RAS VALLEY, HOUSING and many other PROJECTS and hoods along the countr
yside to town, was the everyday life of this hustler. Traveling on foot to visit family and friends to eventually traveling on drop top bikes the Cali st
yle way....V found that living in some of the most loving but serious places on the R.O.C made him the guy he became today, Loving, Trusting, and devotin
g to the game of life. Surviving 3 Major hurricanes hitting the Island V felt the music that gave him confidence as well as for the locals to regain thei
r strength. The mentality that became after was on the influence that HUGO MAKE ME A DON!. Through the music messages been transferred to the Caribbean p
eople In a respect my mind type of way...So by saying this, (Listen), (Learn),and (Watch)....

Get the Single Let's Turn it up (remix) feat. T - Lo, Mr. 200, Don Cuso, Kongo

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